Kyle Davis


“One thing I love about the Community Foundation is the impact we have. Not just on nonprofits and scholarship recipients, but the community as a whole and each other as a staff. It’s a great place to learn and grow while getting to make a difference.” – Kyle Davis, Graphic Design Intern

Kyle Davis, Graphic Design Intern, has been with The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne since January 2018. Kyle is responsible for designing layouts, graphics, and print material related to marketing materials, branding, and development. He also has a talent for turning Brad’s white board drawings into usable graphics.

Kyle is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Graphic Design with a concentration in Web Design at The University of Saint Francis. He has been teaching himself the art of graphic design since he was 13 years old by exploring different programs and watching tutorials online. His favorite part of his internship at CFGFW is being able to work on big projects such as CFGFW’s annual report and being able to push his own boundaries and expressing his own creative vision. Kyle is a part of the Graphic Design Club at the University of Saint Francis where he is able to make new connections and share his passion of graphic design. He also volunteers at the Mustard Seed Furniture Bank by helping them with manual labor.

Kyle has spent his whole life in the Fort Wayne area. He went to Homestead High School and graduated in 2017, now he goes to the University of Saint Francis and plans on staying in the Fort Wayne area. He spends a lot of his free time focusing on fitness and health. If he’s not in the gym, then you can probably find him spending time with his three nephews or his cute dog Mia. One day he hopes to own his own business working with web design, branding, social media, and whatever else he finds a passion for.

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