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We value integrity, stewardship, and service and work to earn the trust of those we serve by operating ethically and demonstrating respect in all aspects of our work.

Flip through our latest Annual Report and check out some of the things we accomplished in 2019!

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The Community Foundation has a commitment to transparency and open reporting. On this page, we offer our public documents. If you have additional questions about our operations, please send us an email.

The Audit Committee is comprised of accounting professionals whose main responsibility is to review the Community Foundation’s annual audit processes and internal control systems. The Audit Committee provides an open line of communication between the auditors and the board of directors. Committee members also have the power to conduct investigations into the Community Foundation’s internal financial systems, ensuring that the Community Foundation operates with the utmost transparency and fiscal integrity.

Here are our most recent audit reports and relevant documents.

In addition to the Audit Committee’s responsibility of ensuring the annual audit process, they are also charged with the responsibility of reviewing the Community Foundation’s annual tax filing, the IRS Form 990.

Here is a helpful  document explaining how to read the Form 990 and our most recent Form 990 filings.

The Community Foundation partners with Mason Investment Advisory Services to provide high quality investment advice and in-depth research for the Investment Committee to make sound investment decisions.

The Investment Committee is comprised of investment professionals whose main responsibility is to oversee the investment portfolio and ensure it is managed prudently. This is accomplished through developing investment policy guidelines with a focus on long-term conservative growth, selecting asset classes and establishing an asset allocation policy aimed at prudence, and evaluating investment performance by comparing investment manager returns relative to their respective benchmarks.

The following are our most recent investment results and relevant documents.

Great information for anyone with questions on how to read their fund statement.

Fund costs and administrative fees for the different types of funds held at the Community Foundation.

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Investment Committee Materials 

To access the Investment Committee Portal, you can click below. Please contact us if you have any issues.

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