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If you are wanting more information about the impact we are having in the community, or want to share it, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find our most up to date newsletters, press releases, and resources for media and friends of the Community Foundation.


The Community Foundation has two newsletters, a general newsletter and nonprofit newsletter. You can sign up for both or just one. Our newsletters will now go out twice a year and be sent via email. When you sign up for the newsletters, you should add Meg Saxman,, to your email contacts to ensure the newsletters do not get sent to your spam.

Press Releases and News

For the most up to date news you can visit our news page. It’s there that you can find recent press releases and news about the Community Foundation.

Media Resources

Thank you for wanting to share information about the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne! Here you can find our most up to date boilerplate, logo, and condensed style guide.

We ask that on any material our logo is used on, that we can be notified and made aware. We like to share on our social media when people are talking about us and can easily do that when we are informed of where we are being mentioned.

2022 Logos:

The Comunity Foundation revealed a new brand identity in 2022. If you are using our old logo or are in need of our logo, please email Meg and let her know what you plan on using it for so she can provide the correct file type.

2022 Boilerplate:

During 2022 the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is celebrating 100 years of serving Allen County as a public charitable foundation. The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne does three things: help people make their charitable giving more impactful, connect funding to nonprofits through effective grantmaking, and provide leadership to address community needs to improve quality of life. Every day we connect people and resources to build a more vibrant community. As of December 31, 2021, the Community Foundation held charitable assets of approximately $222 million and awarded more than $8.1 million in charitable grants and scholarships throughout the same year. Since its formation in 1922, the Community Foundation has awarded more than $175 million in charitable grants.

2022 Style Guide:

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne has a one page style guide outlining our different fonts, colors, and other design elements we regularly use as a part of our brand. If you need our color codes or other design elements, email Meg.

Meg Saxman is the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Community Foundation. If you have any questions or need any help, contact her and she will be happy to help!

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