Create a local legacy that lasts forever.

With our deep community knowledge and nonprofit expertise, the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is the philanthropic center of our community. We’ll connect you to the organizations and people who are making a difference in the greater Fort Wayne area—so you can create a lasting legacy in the place where lifelong memories are made.

Philanthropy means something different to everyone. Check out what it means to the Graves Family in our video!

Community Impact Fund

What is the Community Impact Fund?

The Community Impact Fund is the core grantmaking program of the Community Foundation. Grants from this fund reflect the ever-changing people, needs, ideas, and issues in our community – creating the greatest impact where it’s needed most.

You don’t have to create your own fund to help make our home a better place – you can give to the Community Impact Fund and help a wide ranges of nonprofits and charitable organizations in our home, Allen County.

Brad Little presenting a $75,000 check to Crossroad Child and Family Services

Here is Brad Little, CFGFW President and CEO, presenting a $75,000 check to Crossroads Child and Family Services, a local nonprofit in Allen County working on improving the lives of those struggling with mental illness. This was made possible because of donations like yours to our Community Impact Fund.

Community Scholarship Fund

What is the Community Scholarship Fund?

The Community Scholarship Fund is compromised of gifts from many different donors which have all been combined to provide scholarships and financial assistance for students in Allen County. This fund allows those wanting to provide scholarship assistance, but who don’t have the means to start a scholarship fund, be able to help Allen County students achieve their dreams of college.

If you want to help fund a student’s dream today, you can donate now. Every little bit helps.

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