Types of Funds

We are here to help you give back to a community that has given you so much. Let us be your partner on this mission. Call Alison Gerardot at 260-969-3313 with any questions or to get started today.

Community Impact Fund

Make our community a more vibrant place by making a donation of any size (and with any type of gift) to our Community Impact Fund! This fund is comprised of contributions from many different donors – your gift will be added to their dollars and magnified by the Community Foundation’s local grantmaking expertise.

Community Scholarship Fund

This fund is comprised of gifts from many different donors, which have been combined to provide scholarships and financial assistance for students who: perform well academically, have overcome obstacles that create barriers to academic achievement, and demonstrate financial need.

Donor Advised Funds

 A charitable giving tool that combines maximum tax benefits with the flexibility to support your favorite charitable organizations at any time. You make a tax-deductible contribution to start your fund, the contributions are invested for long-term growth, and you recommend grants to the causes you care about most.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest endowment funds are established by donors who wish to support the evolving needs and opportunities for a variety of nonprofits focused on a broad area of interest.

Discretionary Endowment Funds

By creating a named discretionary endowment fund, your gift is able to enrich our community for generations to come, empowering the Community Foundation to address our region’s most pressing needs and emerging opportunities, with the added benefit of carrying on a family name.

Designated Endowment Funds

Designated endowment funds support the specific causes and organizations you care about most. You make a charitable gift to create a named fund, qualify for an immediate income tax deduction, and the Community Foundation will regularly distribute grants to the charity(ies) you identified when your fund was created.

Scholarship Endowment Funds

Scholarship endowment funds are a wonderful way to memorialize a loved one and create a lasting legacy. These funds can be established to help pay tuition or other expenses for K-12, college students, and returning adults attending any accredited educational institution (colleges, private and parochial schools, or vocational schools).

Agency Endowment Funds

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne manages numerous agency endowments for local charities. Agencies who wish to establish an agency endowment fund are organizations who desire to set aside money that will be protected and grow over the long-term, providing a source of lasting support for future needs.


Why Give?

You come to the Community Foundation with a unique vision and passionate reason for giving. Our passion is to make your charitable goals a reality.

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Leadership Initiatives

We’re investing in community leadership initiatives that create a better future and make our community a better place to live, work, and play – now and forever.

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