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Posted: February 15th 2018

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Did you know that your personality type matters when it comes to supporting community causes? Your “social impact personality type” is especially important as you gear up to structure your donor-advised fund at the community foundation. A donor-advised fund is a terrific vehicle to help you and your family organize gifts to charities, whether you identify as an “investor,” a “connector,” or an “activator.”

If you need a quick refresher on donor advised funds: they are the fastest growing philanthropic planning vehicle in today’s wealth management marketplace. Donor advised funds allow an individual or family to make a tax-deductible transfer that qualifies as a charitable contribution, and then later recommend gifts to charities from the fund when the time is right.

The bottom line is: when you establish a donor-advised fund at the Community Foundation, you know you are setting up your charitable giving to make the biggest impact by supporting the causes you love the most.

So how does personality fit into the equation? Read through the 3 social impact personality types below and decide which one fits you best. Underneath each type you can learn how a donor advised fund can be used to align your personal philanthropy with your social impact personality!

The Investor: Enjoys acting independently as much as “doing good” with a group. Looks at the bottom line when making decisions about charitable giving and community investments, both with their own financial objectives as well as those of the organizations they support.

People who lean toward the investor personality type are typically a good match for setting up a donor-advised fund to maximize tax benefits. Because you tend to look at charitable giving and social impact as an investment to improve the lives of others, with a goal of maximize results not only for the people for your charitable cause, but also for your own tax and estate planning portfolio. Investors love the elegance of the donor-advised fund to achieve many goals through one vehicle.


The Activator: Also known as “the one who makes things happen.” Unique ability to turn thoughts, ideas, and concepts into action. Focus on using their charitable giving to create new and innovative solutions for one or two causes, address community problems with generative creativity, and want to see the impact of their giving in action.

Activators, who like to focus on a particular cause, are well-suited for a donor-advised fund because they can gain valuable insights about community impact by working closely with the team at the community foundation. We can provide you with knowledge, expertise, and understanding of the organizations, issues, and needs in our community. With your donor advised fund and our specialized insight, you’ll be prepared to take action and invest in creative solutions that change the world.


The Connector: Enjoys “doing good” activities that provide opportunities to get together socially both inside and outside of work. Like the idea of getting friends and family involved with their charitable causes. Focus on using their charitable giving to bring people together and connect in support of a cause, organization, or issue.

Connectors love donor-advised funds because they enjoy the opportunities the Community Foundation provides to get together with other donors and involve their friends and family members in their favorite charitable pursuits. One of the ways your donor advised fund can be used to engage others is that you can receive donations directly into your fund. As you share the good work you are doing through your fund with your loved ones and others who share a passion for your cause(s), they will want to help you make an even greater difference by making a financial contribution to your fund. Donor advised Funds are a great way to engage family and friends, connect with others and maximize your philanthropic capacity and impact!


Investor, activator, connector. Where donor-advised funds are concerned, everybody’s got a good side. What’s yours?

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