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Posted: July 22nd 2019

Nonprofit Resources at CFGFW

As the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, we often get asked about services and resources we have available for nonprofits in Allen County. Everyone knows we give out grants through our competitive grant cycle, but what else?

The Community Foundation exists to be a resource and a place of support to the backbone of our community, nonprofits. We offer a number of different resources for nonprofits such as trainings, funding opportunities and connections.

Here are a few resources we offer for nonprofits:

  1. We offer grants through our competitive grant cycle. Nonprofits are only eligible for funding from the competitive grant cycle once a year. This funding can be used as general operational support or to fund special projects or events. If a nonprofit does not make it past the concept letter stage in the application process, they are welcome to apply again the next quarter. Nonprofits who do not receive funding are welcome to ask for general feedback on their application.
    • For questions about the competitive grant cycle application process, contact Lisa Pickerman.
  2. We can provide back office support. When a donor gives a gift to your organization through us (either by giving through their donor advised fund or by donating to your agency fund) we will send a tax receipt and thank you letter for you.
  3. We provide a 20% match to all gifts given to agency endowment funds held at the Community Foundation. This is a win-win-win. A donor who gives $100 to their favorite nonprofit’s endowment is actually giving $120, the nonprofit is receiving $120, and the Community Foundation gets to help the donor and the nonprofit! (If a donor gives to your agency endowment fund from their donor advised fund, the gift still gets the 20% match!)
    • In order to receive the 20% match, an agency endowment must be on the Community Foundation’s spending policy.
  4. We provide a calendar of events and trainings on our website for nonprofits. It is populated with trainings that the Community Foundation is hosting as well as trainings available through other organizations.
  5. The whole lower level of the Community Foundation building is available for nonprofits to use as meeting space, training space, or work space. All you have to do is fill out the Request a Room form online. Best part is, it’s free!
  6. The Community Foundation can accept stock gifts or securities on your behalf. For a small fee, we’ll do all the heavy lifting by processing the gift, receipting the donor, and sending your organization a check for the proceeds. Contact Heidi Ludwig at 260-969-3305 for more information.
  7. We talk to donors about the great things you are doing. However, if we don’t know about your new endeavors, then we can’t share them with our donors who may have a passion for what you are working on. Share with us what is new in your organization and the ways you could use support.
  8. The Community Foundation can share internal processes with you. We know you don’t have the resources to develop your own internal proof reading process or professional assessment document, but we do. If you ask, we can share our processes and documents with you so you can spend more time doing what you do.
  9. If you have a donor who wants to leave you in their will, we can meet with the donor, take care of the paperwork, and make sure their wishes are fulfilled. All you have to do is connect us with your donor and we will do the rest.

If you want to learn more about the resources listed above, or have questions about other ways we can help, call us today at 260-426-4083!

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