Innovation and Neighborhood Renewal Fund

Posted: June 27th 2019


Electric Works Innovation and Neighborhood Renewal Fund

Field of Interest Fund

The Innovation and Neighborhood Renewal Fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is established to support the charitable activities related to community projects such as the development of the Electric Works campus formerly known as the General Electric Broadway Campus.  The 39-acre, 18 building mixed-use Electric Works project has the potential to positively transform not only the existing property but also the surrounding neighborhoods by acting as a catalyst for economic opportunity and diversity.

The purpose of the Innovation and Neighborhood Renewal Fund is to support, promote and foster charitable activities including but not limited to:

  • Research and development related to life sciences, health, technology and agriculture;
  • Educational programming for all;
  • Small business development by connecting entrepreneurs to each other, providing technical assistance and supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem;
  • Development of space to promote collaborative work, co-working and community gathering opportunities for all to come together, learn and share ideas;
  • Neighborhood revitalization through renewal of vibrant, economically-integrated and diverse neighborhoods that increase opportunities for residents to share in the rewards of a growing, thriving economy;
  • Support research on innovative housing and community development strategies.

If you are interested in supporting Electric Works through the Innovation and Neighborhood Renewal Fund, contact us today at 260-426-4083 or donate online!

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