Staffing for Fundraising Success and The Truth About Fundraising Events

Turnover in fundraising staff currently averages between 15-16 months. Many development directors report that the reasons they leave are that they are unsupported, unprepared and under-resourced in their position, leading them to look for opportunities with other organizations.

Because of this, we can hypothesize that nonprofit organizations become more dependent on fundraising events than they should be.  But events can be costly, time-consuming and exhausting to deploy. What happens when the nonprofit fundraising event calendar is saturated by every cause in town? Is there a better way to raise money than the endless cycle of events that are competing with other forms of entertainment for donors’ attention?

Join us Friday, October 27 from 10:00 a.m. to Noon at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne as we tackle both of these important topics:
Staffing for Fundraising Success & The Truth About Fundraising Events
This interactive training will:

  1. Explore how to build a culture of philanthropy within your organization before, during and after hiring fundraising staff to increase retention and long-term fundraising effectiveness.
  2. Identify good development hiring practices and important attributes to look for in fundraising staff candidates – even if they’ve never been a fundraiser before.
  3. Provide tools for preparing and onboarding your fundraising staff to set them up for long-term, sustainable philanthropic success.
  4. Bust myths about fundraising events and help you scale back the number you do every year.
  5. Teach you how to cultivate loyal donors (for life!) after an acquisition activity like an event.
  6. Give you the tools to shift your operations from events-driven or transactional fundraising to long-term, sustainable, relationship-based philanthropy.

Seating is limited therefore registration is limited to no more than 3 people per organization. RSVP at by Monday, October 23. Please note that each person attending the seminar will have to RSVP individually.

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