The Foundation of a Brighter Tomorrow

by Heather Schoegler, Chair of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Board of Directors


Consider the last century – 100 years – of Allen County and all that has transpired locally, in our state, region, nation, and world. Now consider that through it all, the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne was there. Often, taking an active role in supporting and sustaining our community’s non-profits whose missions are to serve the vulnerable in our community.

The Community Foundation has done and continues to do three things: we provide community leadership and resources to address community needs and improve quality of life; we help make your charitable giving more impactful; and we connect non-profits with funding through effective grant making. The Community Foundation can accomplish these efforts because of the trust the community shows through their investment of time, talent, and treasure in us. By bringing together the resources of individuals, families and businesses, the Community Foundation creates a permanent source of community capital that can benefit Allen County forever.

As we consider the next century of our community and the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, we are beginning with a vision plan, which will set the course for our next 100 years. The vision plan launches from the momentum our community has now and the sustainability achieved through the stewardship of our resources. We envision serving the community in the following ways:

  • Connected Community: affecting change by being an advocate for the underserved; instilling pride and building relationships to create a sense of belonging.
  • Inspiring Places: providing resources and support to create a community filled with spaces that engage, connect, and energize our residents and visitors.
  • Everyone’s Economy: helping create an economy where every citizen has the opportunity for upward mobility and increased security and is motivated to achieve their goals.
  • Lifelong Learning: working to build a culture of lifelong learning that helps people flourish, strengthens our workforce, and increases resiliency.
  • Healthy Mind and Body: helping YOU feel mentally and physically healthy, with access to tools and resources to reach your highest potential.

The goals of the Community Foundation are not our own – just as the resources we are trusted with are not. Our success is measured by the success of Allen County and its residents.

The Community Foundation was established by a group of community members who recognized a need and rallied resources around it. Today, we see their impact. Our hope is that this vision will build off their early actions and create an impact that far outreaches the next century through strategic stewardship.

There’s no question the founders of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne would not have been able to envision the Community Foundation of today with over $200 million in assets, leading initiatives, growing impact, and supporting non-profits in our community. No doubt, today’s leaders of the Community Foundation will not be able to fully envision the impact we will have on the Allen County of 2122, but we are poised and ready. We are grateful for the community’s ongoing trust that allows us to respond to today’s needs and be sustained for the next century of opportunity.