Grant Catalog

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne’s Grant Catalog is now open for nonprofits to apply to have a need displayed on our website. Previously, our Grant Catalog was only available to our Fundholders and included nonprofits who submitted requests through our competitive grantmaking process and were denied funding.

Just as we receive more requests than we can fund on our own, we know there are projects and programs that need funding that is not always covered by foundation support.

Each quarter, the Community Foundation will accept requests from nonprofits in Allen County that will be displayed on our Grant Catalog, where the community can see the requests and donate.  

How does the Grant Catalog work?

  • Nonprofits can apply quarterly but will only be listed on the Grant Catalog every other quarter.
    • Nonprofits will only be featured twice in one year on the Grant Catalog.
  • When applying, organizations can select which quarter they would like their request to be displayed on the Grant Catalog. For example, nonprofits can apply early in the year and choose not to have their request displayed until the third quarter.
    • Quarters will follow traditional timeframes (January 1 – March 31, April 1 – June 30, July 1 -September 30, and October 1 – December 31)
    • Nonprofits may apply at any time during a quarter. Unless specified otherwise, their request will be immediately listed on the Grant Catalog once approved. However, if a nonprofit applies to be on the grant catalog two weeks before the quarter is up and chooses to be displayed during the current quarter, they will only be listed for two weeks, and removed once the new quarter starts.
  • We require a $100 minimum donation from donors to nonprofits through the Grant Catalog.
  • Nonprofits will receive their funds at the end of the quarter. This allows us to calculate the total amount given to your project and issue one check to your organization instead of issuing a check every time you receive a donation.


What are the criteria for requesting to be included in our Grant Catalog?

  • Nonprofits can apply through our Grant Catalog application.
    • Nonprofits will be asked three main questions in addition to general contact information.
  • Nonprofits must apply for a specific need, requests for general operations will not be accepted.
    • Organizations who apply through our competitive grantmaking process and are denied will automatically have their request added to the Grant Catalog. These organizations will be the only general operating support requests allowed.
  • Nonprofits can request up to $10,000.
  • Nonprofits need to be headquartered in Allen County and/or serve the Allen County community.
  • Organizations need to be a 501c3 or have a fiscal sponsor.
    • Organizations who are applying with a fiscal sponsor will need to provide proof the fiscal sponsor approves of working with the organization and/or the contract they have.

The Community Foundation is not affiliated with and does not endorse any specific organization, religious belief, or political party.

To learn more, please contact:

Lisa Pickerman
Senior Impact Advisor

You can also contact another member of our Grants and Scholarships team.