Because We Love Our Community Grants

Do you have a great idea that could help improve your neighborhood or the community? We are looking to give individuals or organizations money for programs and projects that will improve the quality of life for individuals in our community!

Supporting grassroots organizations and projects is an important part of the nonprofit ecosystem. The Because We Love Our Community grant program is a challenge grant for interesting and engaging ideas to improve the community’s quality of life and livability and increase residents’ satisfaction and community attachment.

Community has multiple meanings for this grant opportunity. A project or program does not need to impact all of Allen County or Fort Wayne. Your project or program could be focused on a neighborhood, a block or two, zip code(s), or smaller boundaries within Allen County. No impact is too small. Please apply today!

Because We Love Our Community grant projects should increase the quality of life, community attachment, and satisfaction by increasing Allen County residents’ easy access to:

  • Safe places to live and work
  • Healthcare facilities and services
  • Quality job opportunities
  • Affordable housing
  • Safe, proximal, high-quality recreational areas
  • Quality arts and cultural events

Projects and Programs do not need to meet all of the criteria above. If a project or program only meets one or two of the criteria above, it will still be considered.

Priority will be given to projects that promote equity, and incorporate policy, advocacy, institutional/systems change, and/or social justice (equal rights, opportunity, and treatment for all). What makes residents love where they live? What draws people to a place and keeps them there?

We Are Looking for Ideas That …

  • Are new or expansion projects. Current programs from organizations and routine operating support will not be considered.
  • Enhance community connections in Allen County.
  • Incorporate innovative approaches to creating a vibrant, connected community.

Projects and Programs do not need to meet all criteria above. If a project or program only hits one of the criteria above, it will still be considered.

If your project or program relates to our criteria, we encourage you to apply. Applicants do NOT have to be a 501c3. Applications close May 1, 2022.

Note: If you apply for the Because We Love Our Community Grant, your organization is still eligible to apply for our regular competitive grant cycle.


Applications are now closed.

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