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The Community Foundation exists to grow a philanthropic culture of good in our community and help make a collective difference. We work hard to fill critical gaps in funding in our community, but we need your help to do more. To be a true catalyst for change, we must start by increasing our own institutional capacity. This is why we are asking for gifts to the “David J. Bennett “Better Together” Endowment Fund. Download the campaign literature here! 

Our goal is $2m to be raised by the end of 2018.

Your gift will help us do more.

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The future is unpredictable.

But one thing we know for certain is the power of philanthropy to make a positive impact in our community, thanks to generous donors like you. For almost 100 years, supporters of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne have made it possible for us to help thousands of people throughout Allen County.

With you by our side:

We are already working with local partners to tackle our community’s greatest needs; from community development initiatives like Riverfront Development, to our innovative work addressing children’s health and education.

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Needs grow and shift.

Community needs are ever-changing. We have identified a need to address new and emerging issues in our community: the opioid crisis, crime, children’s health, transportation challenges, talent attraction and retention, and more. To be a first-responder and a true catalyst for change, we must start by increasing our own institutional capacity.

Our impact is greater together.

Over the years, you have helped us address some of the most challenging problems facing our community. With your gift to the “Better Together” Endowment fund, together, we will make an even greater impact. We will tackle these difficult problems, convene local leadership around the issues of greatest need, and initiate the crucial conversations that spark transformational change.


We are dreaming bigger and better than ever before... but we need your support. By investing in the
Community Foundation today, you will play a part in the future of tomorrow.

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