Children’s Health Collaborative (CHC)

The Children’s Health Collaborative (CHC) is an initiative of the Community Foundation to ensure every child in Allen County reaches their full potential. CHC is one organization in a collaboration with community partners working hard for children. They advocate for evidence based, community specific initiatives to help children in our community.

The work of CHC has focused on incorporating local pediatric health data and community stakeholder input into the original strategic plan – a plan facilitated by Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Deborah A. McMahan, MD – and identifying four key focus areas for 2018 and beyond.

As a next step, the Children’s Health Collaborative will convene a group of local experts to review pediatric health outcome data with the intention of using that data to identify 1-2 specific goals for each of the four focus areas. The over-arching vision for CHC is to be a conduit that works collaboratively among local organizations to improve health outcomes for all children in Allen County.

The community need for the work being done by the Children’s Health Collaborative can’t be overstated. Despite the numerous systems and services that have been designed and implemented to protect and enhance the health and wellbeing of children in Allen County, stubborn statistics still persist including:

Children with Food Insecurity

1 in every 5 (19.5%) children in Allen County are living with food insecurity

Children Living in Poverty

20% of children in Allen County are living below the poverty line.

Children’s Health Collaborative will play a vital role in identifying collaborative strategies and solutions to needed systems changes that can make a long-term and sustainable impact on improving the health of children in Allen County.

The Community Foundation is proud to be the lead funder of this innovative and collaborative community health initiative. If you would like to learn more about CHC, including how you can get involved or how to make a charitable contribution from your fund to benefit children’s health in Allen County, please give us a call at 260-426-4083!

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