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We invite people at every economic level to join us in advancing women and girls in Allen County by supporting the work of the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne. Give at the level you can.

As a member you’ll be invited to first-look access to research, educational and advocacy opportunities as well as join a group of like-minded individuals who believe in investing in our community through women and girls.

Gifts can be made at one time, or split into recurring contributions on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

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10% of each membership will go to support the long-term sustainability of this work by building the endowment.

Donors may also transfer gifts from their existing fund at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne or establish a new fund for philanthropic purposes.

Want to make a long-term impact? Ask about how you can leave the Women’s Fund in your estate plans or make a direct contribution to the endowment.

Founder: $16,000

One-Time Lifetime Membership

This is the amount that funded the Women’s Bureau in 1975. This was in response to the first Women’s Study of Greater Fort Wayne commissioned by Mayor Lebamoff in the year prior.

Corrinne: $5,000-$10,000

I am ready to invest in women and girls in Allen County.

Corrinne Mudd Brooks (1914 – 2008) – Born in Louisville, Kentucky, but quickly relocating to Fort Wayne, Corrinne was an active member of the Limberlost Girl Scout Council and organized the first African American Girl Scout troop in Fort Wayne, until Girl Scout troops were desegregated in the 1950s. Throughout her life, Corrinne was also actively involved in the Urban League, founded the Urban League Guild, served as vice president of the Fort Wayne chapter of the NAACP, was on the Commission on the Status of Women for the State of Indiana and served the YWCA. Professionally, she worked for the YWCA as well as for the Fort Wayne Jewish Federation for 27 years. Corrinne was also a political activist: she was an unsuccessful candidate for the Indiana House of Representatives in 1956, 1958 and 1962 and went on to become coordinator for the Indiana voter registration drive in preparation for the 1960 presidential election. Corrinne was a pioneer for her time, both politically as well as for girls and African American’s throughout the community.

Alice: $1,000-$4,999

Yes! I can’t wait to make a difference.

Alice Harrison Foster McCullough Mullins Harper Hill (1884 – 1970) – Born and raised in Fort Wayne, Alice is known as both a community activist and suffragette. Born to Samuel Foster, a prominent developer of Fort Wayne, Alice was exposed early to the work that she could do in Fort Wayne to benefit the community.  She was a delegate to the 1912 biennial convention of the National Federation of Women’s Clubs in San Francisco. In 1914 she was Chairman of the Civics Department of the Women’s League of Fort Wayne and served on state committees as well. Alice was also the state Chairman for the Women’s Liberty Loan program for several terms. Later, she was a member of the Indiana League of Women Voters after women won the right to vote. Alice is notably known for being a founder of the Fort Wayne Women’s Club and for her work advocating for healthier living conditions within the community. Alice worked hard for equity for women not only in Fort Wayne, but throughout the state.

Elma: $365

Supporting women’s equality everyday!

Elma Alsup (1895 – 1985) – While born in Tennessee, Elma lived most of her life in Fort Wayne, committing her service to this community. Elma served as a social worker for 25 years for the Wheatley Social Center – now known as the Urban League and was an advocate for all children to have equal opportunities. Elma wielded great influence across racial lines within the community, during a time when segregation prevailed. She was the first in the state to send a group of Black young girls to YWCA Camp and was instrumental in the formation of many different groups including: the local Federated Women’s Club, the Lillian Jones Brown and Jennie Connor Civic Club, Arts Music Club, and served many years nurturing The Girl Reserves (similar to Girl Scouts). Later, she would serve on the Fort Wayne Defense Committee, fostering the promotion of individual jobs in local factories, particularly for black women and men. She was a pioneer for social justice and equity for all.

Margaret Ann: $500-$999

You can count on me to help make impact.

Margaret Ann Keegan (1903 – 1966) – Margaret Ann Keegan, born and raised in Fort Wayne, was a dedicated servant leader within the community throughout her life. Best known for founding the Christmas Bureau, Margaret Ann was also instrumental serving on the exploratory committee that developed the Fine Arts Foundation – now known as Arts United. Along with this work she also served: the Wheatley Social Center – now known as the Urban League, Bedside School for Crippled Children, Johnny Appleseed School, Workers for the Blind, Family and Children’s Agency, Children’s Theatre – now known as Fort Wayne Youtheatre, Philharmonic Women’s Committee, the College Club, Friends of the Fine Arts, Child Guidance Center and served 25 years for Junior League. She was a dedicated servant to those who needed a hand up in life and celebrated and nurtured the arts throughout Fort Wayne.

Helene: $25-$499

Sign me up! I want to be part of the change.

Helene Foellinger (1910 – 1987) – Former publisher of the News-Sentinel and president of Fort Wayne Newspapers, Helene was one of Fort Wayne’s leaders in supporting the arts and education. Born and raised in Fort Wayne – Helene took over as publisher of the News-Sentinel when she was just 25 after her father’s untimely death. While leading one of the state’s premiere newspaper publications, Helene also dedicated her life to serving civic organizations and the arts, and helping to grow these organizations through the Foundation that she created with her mother in 1958. The Foellinger Foundation was established to carry forward her family’s tradition of civic involvement and active concern for the well-being of the community. She was known to play an active role in: the Chamber of Commerce, Fort Wayne Park Foundation, Junior Achievement of Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne – Allen County United Community Services, Allen County Tuberculosis Association, the Red Cross, Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo, as well as many others. Helene left a legacy that continues to serve the Fort Wayne community through millions of dollars in support each year.

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