Cost of Fund

Administrative fees allow the Community Foundation to administer your fund and help support the work we do in our community. Your fee allows us to: provide a tax deduction, insure compliance with ever-changing laws, provide transparent fund accounting, process gifts and grants, provide community leadership, and manage endowment investments. But unlike when you invest with a large, national company, your fee stays here in the community. We know the needs of this community and we work every day to ensure your fund does what you want it do. Now that’s a wise investment!


Fund Type Annual Administrative Fee
Agency Endowment Funds 0.3% on the first $500,000
0.2% on the next $500,000
0.1% on the excess value
Charitable Gift Annuities 1.0%
Designated Endowment Funds 1.25%
Donor Advised Endowment Funds 0.8% on the first $500,000
0.6% on the next $500,000
0.4% on the next $500,000
0.2% on the next $500,000
0.1% on the excess value
Donor Advised Nonpermanent Funds 2.0% of grants distributed with $500 minimum
Scholarship Endowment Funds Level 1 1.5% on the first $500,000
1.3% on the next $500,000
1.1% on the excess value
Scholarship Endowment Funds Level 2 2.0% on the first $500,000
1.8% on the next $500,000
1.6% on the excess value
Unrestricted Endowment Funds 1.25%
Field of Interest Endowment Funds 1.25%

All funds are subject to a $500 annual minimum fee. Fees are assessed at the discretion of the Community Foundation and may change over time.

Funds incur two fees. The first is an administrative fee, as shown above, which helps offset costs associated with servicing the fund such as grantmaking due diligence, annual audit and tax filing, and fund accounting. There is a second fee which is an annual investment fee set by the Community Foundation’s various investment managers. These fees allow us to provide our fund holders with unparalleled service and fund management.

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