Frank L. & Laura L. Smock Foundation

About Frank L. & Laura L. Smock Foundation: Laura and Frank Smock lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and were dedicated to their Presbyterian faith. When Frank died in 1937, he left Laura his modest estate.

In 1953, when Laura Smock was in her late 80’s, her inheritance increased significantly.  She was beyond the age that she could benefit from her new wealth and so she graciously and generously decided that others should be helped by her good fortune.  Thus, the Smock Foundation was established upon her death in 1955.

Laura Smock’s wish was to “help aged Presbyterians in the state of Indiana for such benevolent, charitable, religious, educational or any allied public purposes… that will promote the health, welfare and happiness of ailing or needy or crippled or blind.”  Although primarily concerned for the comfort of people of the Presbyterian faith in their declining years, she generously recognized the needs created by life’s misfortunes among others as well.

Since 1955, the Frank L. and Laura L. Smock Foundation has helped countless needy Indiana Presbyterians.  The foundation has grown in worth as well as in the scope of how its funds can help others.

How to Apply for a Grant: The Smock Foundation has partnered with the Community Foundation of Fort Wayne to host our application form on their website. The grant application must include the benefactors name (church, institution or individual), federal tax ID number, and address where funds should be sent.  The application also provides space for church pastors, session clerk or moderator or other church officials to include narrative about the grant request.

Grants may be submitted at any time and will be reviewed monthly by the Smock Foundation Distribution Advisory Committee.

These grants are established to assist Indiana Presbyterian church members who require emergency assistance like medical bills, utilities, rent and home maintenance through church Deacon funds. Following session approval, churches can request a Deacon fund grant. Requests should include a breakdown of the church’s membership, including church

demographics and church budget. The pastor or moderator of session must sign the request for Smock Deacon funding, and all subsequent replenishment requests. A disbursement of funds form will be supplied with these grants.

These grants are for multiple PCUSA churches to covenant together to develop and implement a shared senior-adult ministry program.  Each partnering church must submit a request in writing, on church letterhead, which indicates the commitment to and purpose of the grant request. The request must be signed by the pastor/moderator and clerk of session of each church represented in the collaborative ministry.  Specific vision, mission, and programming goals as well as an operating budget must be included with this grant request.

These grants are specific to Indiana Presbyterian church members who need financial assistance for approved in-home nursing care, for assisted living and nursing care facilities, for medical needs and for other approved financial assistance. This application requires proof of financial need.

These grants are specific to Indiana PCUSA churches for facility improvements that will make the building and grounds more accessible to all members of the church and community. The pastor/moderator and clerk of session must receive two to three bids from contractors for the scope of the project needed to aid Presbyterian church members. The application must include what type of financial commitment the church and membership is making.  Facility grants are generally capped at $25,000 per request. The church’s current financial statement and budget also need to be included with the application.

Guidelines for Grant Requests: The Smock Foundation provides grants to Indiana Presbyterian Church USA (PCUSA) members and churches. Grants are given to individuals in need and to churches for improvement facilities, for Deacon funds, and for programs that will improve the lives of elderly Indiana Presbyterians, including senior adult ministry programs.

Questions about grant applications or assistance in completing an application can be found at the buttons below or e-mail Susanne Rowe at

Smock Foundation Distribution Advisory Committee: The Distribution Advisory Committee (DAC) was established in 2017. The purpose of the committee is to receive, review and approve grant requests. Once approved, the DAC requests funds from the Smock Foundation Trustee. The DAC is composed of a board of seven individuals: two members from each of the three Indiana Presbyteries and one member from First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne who serves as the DAC Chairperson.

Presbytery of Whitewater Valley

  • Rev. Bob Heimach, retired pastor, former COM Moderator and Moderator of the presbytery
  • Lisa Crismore, Ruling Elder, Speedway, Indiana

Presbytery of Wabash Valley

  • Sheridan Hadley, Ruling Elder, Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Rev. Alan, Griffin, member of the Presbytery of Wabash Valley

Presbytery of Ohio Valley

  • Rev. Susan McGhee, Executive Presbyter
  • Alicia Holt, Ruling Elder, Bloomfield, Indiana


  • Steven Weissner, Ruling Elder, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne


  • Susanne M. Rowe, Ruling Elder, First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne

To learn more, please contact:

Lisa Pickerman
Director of Grants and Scholarships

You can also contact another member of our Grants and Scholarships team.