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Inspiring local and lasting change. Together.

Just as you wouldn’t want a town without a library, you wouldn’t want Allen County without a thriving community foundation. We are a tax-exempt, public grantmaking charity dedicated to improving the lives of everyone in our local community, but our true brilliance and success lies in our ability to leverage the giving of many to make the greatest possible impact in Allen County.

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne was created by and for the people in Allen County, and enables anyone with philanthropic interests to support the needs of our community. By bringing together the resources of individuals, families and businesses, we create a permanent source of community capital that can benefit Allen County forever.

As a Community Foundation, we have a deep knowledge and keen understanding of Allen County’s most pressing needs. To address these issues and fund solutions, we bring together local nonprofits, caring donors and community leaders to contribute both financial resources and innovative ideas that effect lasting change.

In addition to building permanent philanthropic endowments for our community, we enable donors to establish their own charitable funds and contribute a variety of assets to them, so they can support the specific issues and organizations they are most passionate about. At the same time, we serve as an advisor to local nonprofits, so that every organization can be strengthened for the greater good of the community.


The Community Foundation is a catalyst for community improvement, promoting philanthropic and strategic partnerships that enhance the quality of life in Allen County.

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The mission of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is to serve as a community leader to improve the quality of life by building permanent endowments, promoting effective grantmaking, fostering philanthropy, stimulating community dialogue, and helping donors achieve their charitable goals.

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Integrity – We work to earn the trust of those we serve by operating ethically and demonstrating respect in all aspects of our work.

Stewardship – We safeguard donor intent in perpetuity by managing assets with professional care and exceeding expectations in all we do.

Collaboration – We collaborate across all aspects of our work and promote connecting, sharing, and engaging among all of our stakeholders.

Inclusion – We commit to creating a Community Foundation that reflects the values, diversity, and openness of the community we serve.

Leadership – We seek to foster community leadership in all its forms, developing collaborative solutions to important issues and catalyzing positive change in our community.


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