Resources for Starting a Nonprofit

As the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, we get questions about how to start a nonprofit all of the time. Before you move ahead with starting a nonprofit, you should consider the following:

  1. Is the service needed? Who’s already providing it? How will this one be better?
  2. From where will money come to operate? Do you have supporters who will donate both their service and funds?
  3. Once incorporated the entity is a public charity and the founder is not the owner.

Start online with How Do I Start a Nonprofit?  from GrantSpace, a service of the Foundation Center. This outline begins with the most important questions and provides a collection of resources, including a video to help answer many of your questions.

Our top recommendation is the Internal Revenue Service. They have all of the information you will need about tax-exempt entities: IRS Charities and Other Non-profits 

Indiana Nonprofit Startup Resources

From Foundation Center, a collection of online resources for starting a nonprofit in the state of Indiana.

How to Start a Nonprofit Organization — Guidelines and Resources for Entrepreneurs
From Carter McNamara’s Free Management Library, a set of topics on starting and shutting down a nonprofit.

What Are Nonprofit Bylaws? Where Can I Find Samples?
Also from GrantSpace, a collection of resources, including a video on Bylaws and where to find samples

“What is Fiscal Sponsorship? How can I find a fiscal sponsorship?”
From GrantSpace, extensive resources on the topic, including webinars, videos, online articles and guides, websites and print books.

Fiscal Sponsorship
From the Community Resource Center, a PDF on by David Barlow CPA

“A White Paper: On Comprehensive Fiscal Sponsorship”
A white paper from Third Sector New England.

Fiscal Sponsorship
A topic page from the Council on Nonprofits.