Create a Fund

Giving through the Community Foundation is easy, effective, and powerful by connecting donors to many different giving opportunities. We offer a wide range of giving options, all specially designed to help maximize your impact. Within these options, you’ll find opportunities to give using a range of assets, from cash to life insurance, to stock.

You can rest  assured that we are a trusted partner to take care of your administrative and grantmaking activities, eliminating the need for you to set up a separate institution, create policies, file a number of forms, pay exorbitant fees, and monitor your grant recipients.

With our 100 years of experience, whatever you choose, we’ll be right by your side every step of the way, ensuring that your dollars make the biggest possible impact so the people and places of Allen County can thrive for generations to come.

We offer a number of different funds for individuals to create to accomplish their charitable goals.

Types of Funds:

A private foundation alternative that allows you to receive an immediate tax deduction for your charitable contribution and then recommend grants to causes that inspire you. Find out more!

Scholarships allow you to create a program that will provide financial support to deserving students, at any stage in their educational life,  to pursue training or other educational opportunities.

This fund allows you to establish a fund in a family name while designating specific nonprofits you would like to support every year, forever.

This fund allows a nonprofit to establish a permanent pool of assets which will grow over time for permanent financial sustainability.

Endowed funds established to support broad areas of interest (ie: arts, education, healthcare) and under the discretion of the Community Foundation’s grantmaking expertise.

By creating a named unrestricted endowment fund, your gift empowers the Community Foundation to address our region’s most pressing needs and emerging opportunities while honoring a family name.

Allows a donor to receive regular income for the rest of their life while also receiving an immediate tax deduction for their charitable contribution and designating the residuum to support an Agency Endowment.

To learn more, please contact:

Kiley Tate-Potts
Director of Philanthropic Services

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.