Advisor Toolkit

The following resources are available to help you answer client questions regarding charitable giving through the Community Foundation. We also love to join you at client meetings to help determine the best outcomes for your clients goals.

Your clients often have unique financial scenarios and needs, and we are here to help with the giving options that best meet your client’s needs. With our help, you can be sure their giving will meet their charitable goals and make an impact.

What to Give

Giving through the Community Foundation is easy, effective, and powerful by connecting your clients to many different giving opportunities. We offer a number of different fund for individuals to create to accomplish their charitable goals.

Create a Fund

The Donor and Advisor Partner Program allows donors to recommend a financial advisor or firm to invest charitable funds held at the Community Foundation. These investments are managed by financial advisors or firms outside of our primary investment pools. This allows us to provide our philanthropic expertise with your clients, while you maintain your important relationships.

Donor and Advisor Partner Program

As a trusted philanthropic partner in our community, stewardship of assets is one of our most important responsibilities. Individuals place trust in the Community Foundation knowing that we carefully invest their resources and use income produced according to their philanthropic goals, now and long into the future.

Investment & Finances

The language below can be used to name the Community Foundation or a specific fund as the recipient of a gift through a will or trust.

General Unrestricted Bequest: “I give, devise, and bequeath to the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana, or its successor, [PERCENTAGE OF RESIDUE, SUM, OR DESCRIPTION OF PROPERTY], the principal and income of which shall be used for such purposes as the board of directors may determine.”

Pursuant to a Specific Fund: “I give, devise, and bequeath to the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana, or its successor, the sum of $ [OR OTHERWISE DESCRIBE THE GIFT] and direct this bequest to the [NAME] Fund to be used pursuant to my Fund Agreement on file at the Community Foundation.”

Please contact Heidi Ludwig,, or our Finance department for specific broker information to initiate a stock transfer.

It is extremely important to notify us when transferring securities into our account so that we ensure that the gift is credited to the appropriate fund. 

If your client would like to make a gift through their estate plan, please contact our Philanthropic Services department to complete a “Dry Fund” agreement. This will ensure your clients wishes will be met and that the Community Foundation knows how to use the charitable fund that will be part of their lasting legacy.  

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To learn more, please contact: 

Jim Griest
Senior Gift Planning Advisor

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team