Agency Endowments

Agency Endowments: The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne manages numerous agency endowments for local nonprofits. Building an agency endowment provides a source of income that will benefit your organization and mission forever.

The Community Foundation will match 20% of any new gift to an eligible agency endowment that follows our spending policy. We provide a 20% match on all gifts (up to $10,000 per eligible fund), so a gift of $100 can mean a donation of $120 to the nonprofit. A gift, plus the match, will be added to the nonprofit’s endowment fund. View our Agency Endowment Common Questions

Why an agency endowment? Agency Endowments are opened by nonprofit organizations that wish to establish a fund, which is kept in perpetuity to provide an ongoing stream of revenue generated by the investment of principal.

Why the Community Foundation? 
While we realize that it is important for nonprofits to diversify their pools of funds, the only way to have a true endowment is housed at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. This will ensure the long-term financial sustainability of your organization. 

  • 20% match on all gifts into the fund up to $10k per calendar year
  • Back office management of gifts, acknowledgments, reporting, etc.
  • Unrestricted access to the online portal to see all gifts into the funds and fund statements
  • Basic language on planned giving to incorporate in print and digital materials
  • Free process of stock gifts into the fund and help with facilitation of other planned gifts
  • Promotion in the ‘Gifts from the Heart’ end-of-year mailing
  • Monthly fund statements
  • Professional investment team and access to national investment advisors
  • Free access to the Nonprofit Endowment Building Needs Assessment for your future growth plans
  • Exclusive access to the Nonprofit Endowment Building and Planned Giving Toolkits
  • Access to challenge grant opportunities

Endowment Building Toolkit: The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne has established an Endowment Building Toolkit. This is not only a resource, but a training program designed to grow your organization’s community foundation endowment to sustain your mission forever.

Agencies who wish to establish an agency endowment fund are organizations who desire to set aside money that will be protected and grow over the long-term, providing a source of lasting support for future needs. An agency can establish a fund for as little as $10,000. At present, over 100 nonprofit organizations have established endowment funds and have taken advantage of the services the Community Foundation can provide. View the list of Endowment Funds hosted by us.

To learn more, please contact:

Kiley Tate-Potts
Director of Philanthropic Services

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.