Ways We Help

The Community Foundation believes in the power of philanthropy to make a difference. We are here to help individuals, businesses, private foundations and nonprofit organizations use their resources for the greatest fulfillment of impact. We strive for opportunities for more proactive, purposeful work with all of our fund holders, leading to deeper, more trusting relationships, and ultimately greater impact on everyone’s lives in the process.

Through the following menu of services, our professional staff supports any one of these entities in setting goals for giving and developing a philanthropic strategy. We work to facilitate conversations about legacy and help younger family members in their philanthropic journey. We help private foundations and businesses streamline and make grantmaking more impactful.

Being strategically philanthropic is an ongoing process that involves consistent monitoring, evaluation, and if necessary, adjustment. Philanthropy has become about more than supporting your alma mater, it has become a strategic way to foster a positive influence in the world. Planning for philanthropy – developing goals, a mission, budgets, and strategies – allows you to more effectively reach your charitable goals. Our philanthropic team will work with you and your family members or individuals in your company to identify: Your giving style, passions, and desired results. In addition, we can provide ongoing evaluations of your funding and ensure that the intent of your giving is fulfilled.

At the Community Foundation, we know you value broadening your knowledge about this community you love. Through philanthropic education, we aim to connect individuals and groups with not only funding opportunities but: Donor to Donor experiences, volunteer opportunities, and knowledge experts throughout the community. In addition to this, we strive to offer custom education programs for you, your family, or your group to help you establish charitable giving roadmaps to guide future giving.

Philanthropy is now in a period of profound transition and innovation beyond conventional grantmaking. Our philanthropic team is here to not only support your traditional grantmaking but to help create alignment and strategy for more impact. We can assist you in everything from connecting to nonprofits in need, to accepting and vetting grant applications in your funding priority areas and customizing site visits.

Philanthropic Legacy and Succession planning can encompass so much more than a simple bequest. We know that, as a philanthropic individual, you hope to not only pass on your personal or company’s wealth but to also pass on your values. Our philanthropic team can assist in not only determining how to pass on your giving strategies to ensure continuity in your philanthropy but hand down what you have learned and hope to pass on philanthropically and in other areas of your life.

To learn more, please contact:

Kiley Tate-Potts
Director of Philanthropic Services

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.