Legacy Giving

By leaving a legacy gift, you can create an impact for future generations to experience and have  lasting change. A planned gift is established now and will benefit the community long after a donor’s lifetime.

The Paul Clarke Legacy Society was established to recognize the generosity and vision of donors, like Paul Clarke himself, who made a commitment to our community through the lasting impact of a planned gift. It is comprised of individuals who have made known their intent to create permanent funds at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne – either during their lifetime or through estate planning.

Becoming a member of the Legacy Society is easy. By notifying us of your gift through a bequest, charitable trust, life insurance, or other planned gift, and completing a ”Dry Fund” agreement, you can become a member of the Paul Clarke Legacy Society and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a gift to your community that will last forever. 

Neil and Sarilda* Anderson
Edward and Ione Auer*
Richard and Gloria* Baker
Arthur A. Beal*
James A.* and Linda K. Beaman
Glen J. Beams*
John* and Ardis Behrendt
David L. Bell and Judge Janet Seiwert Bell
Gregory J. and Mary E. Bell
Norbert Berghoff*
George and Linda Bewley
Glen and Chris Bickel
Josephine E. Biedenweg*
Janet Bircheff
David and Janice* Bleeke
Ron and Mary Bonar
Glenn E. Brendel*
Arthur and Lou Brickman
Dr. Frank D. and Cindy Byrne
Chris* and Amy Caggiano
Kathy Callen and John Powell
Charles and Kathryn Carboneau
Carey and Kathy Carter
Howard L. and Elizabeth W.* Chapman
Virginia Christoff*
Willis S.* and Virginia B. Clark
Paul Clarke*
Kelly and Beth Clevenger
W. Windsor and Isabel K. Cravens*
Barbara Snyder Crosby
Richard A. Curdes*
Dr. Chester H. and Mary E. Curry*
William Darling*
Haywood M. Davis*
James E. Davis
Joseph A. and Marianne Manning Deitche
Dr. Barbara R. Walters Doehrman and Dr. Steven R. Doehrman
Dick and Mary Louise Doermer*
Loren J. Drummond*
Michael and Joyce Dulworth
Carol A. Durham
N. Eugene and Val Evans
David W.* and Donna S. Fledderjohann
Dr. Joseph and Charlotte Fogle
Dr. Charles M. A. Frankhouser Jr.*
M. Eleanor Fritze*
Paul and Jeanne Gause
Jane M. Gerardot
Shirley J. Grabner*
Ellen M. Graham
Patricia S. Griest
Helen V. Groot*
L. T. Guess*
Leon O. Habegger
Steve and Tana Harter
Shannon and Michael Hardiek
Karen S. Mann-Herber Heimann
Leonard Helfrich
Jerome F. Henry Jr. and Rebecca J. Henry
Jeanine M. Herold and Michael T. Biesiada
Betty Ann Heyman*
Mrs. Irene Hiatt*
Forrest Houser*
Virginia Huguenard
Thomas and Margaret Jehl*
George L. Johnson* and Nancy F. Archer
Gordon O. and Judith M.* Johnson
Margaret N. Johnson*
Marcelle E. Koomjohn*
Sandra K. Ladd
Floyd A. and Betty Lou Lancia
G. Irving Latz II*
Lois M. Laymon
William C. Lee and Judith A.* Lee
Doug and Joni Lehman
Dr. Ed and Ginger Leonard
Stephen H.* and Jeanne G. Lewis
Dr. William J. Lewis*
Gladys D. Lomont*
Barbara K. Lotter
Cook and Jeanne Lougheed*
Dr. Jerry L. and Diane T. Mackel
Mary C. Martin*
Joyce L. Marx
Francis McCammon*
Alan and Edee McMahan
Christine R. Meek
Ronald S. and Diane M. Menze
Kerry A. Miller
Dr. Scott A Miller
Charles Mitchener*
Aloyse Moritz*
Amy B. Morrill*
Walter K. Murphy*
A.D. Nation
John M. Nichols
Arthur E. Nickerson*
John and Julia Oldenkamp*
Dr. C. James* and Susan J. Owen
Michael V. and Kathryn R.* Parrott
Frederick J. Pfeiffer*
Dick Phillips*
Joseph E. Quinlan*
Mark and Cindy Renshaw
David A. Ripple
Randy and Carol Roberts
Ervin and Elizabeth Rodey*
Mark E. and Christine M. Rupp
M. Joyce Schlatter*
Mark Schoeff Jr.
Clarence and Edith Schust*
Paul E.* and Dorothy L. Shaffer
Gabriel L. and Jeanne R. Shaheen
Phyllis J. Sheldon*
Tracy and Gretchen Shellabarger
Charlotte Simonis
Frank J. Smith*
Helen Smuts*
Graham and Thelma Somerville*
Allen C.* and Lois A. Steere
Thomas and Mary Jane Steinhauser
Ralph Stephan*
Laurel and Jim Stevens
Arthur and Karen Surguine
Jean Tipton
Tracy Troyer
Mark D. Ulmschneider and Georgia Wralstad Ulmschneider
John and Marion Walley*
Albert G. Ward*
Julie Rhinehart Waterfield
Richard D. Waterfield
Dr. James Wehrenberg
Duncan Whitaker
Joe E.* and Margaret E. Williams
W. Paul Wolf
Dinah Wright
Joe Zehr
Randy Zollinger
Anonymous (28 Donors)
* Deceased

To learn more, please contact:

Alison Gerardot, CFRM
Chief Impact Officer

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.