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In 2017, the Community Foundation distributed more than $8.2 million and the majority of funds remained right here in Allen County. Those funds supported programs for children and families, education and scholarships, arts and culture, and community engagement and development.

To learn more about our competitive grants, including applications for Community Impact Fund grants and Barbara Burt Leadership Development Fund grants, click here.

With the help of donors, nonprofits and volunteers, the Community Foundation is committed to making lives better in every corner of our community.

Community Foundation grants are as varied as our community. Some are awarded through an open, competitive grant application process, while others reflect an advised fund donor’s recommendation or are part of an estate gift. However, they all have a single goal: improving our community.

Seeking a grant? Please review the Grant Guidelines and Procedures in order to apply.

Read our guidelines and grant opportunities thoroughly and review our Frequently Asked Questions. Then, we invite you to contact the Community Foundation to speak with one of our staff to assess fit with our priorities.


Lisa Pickerman, Grants and Administrative Assistant

If you have questions in regards to our competitive grant process you can learn more on our FAQ page or contact  Lisa Pickerman at or 260-969-3304. Lisa handles all of the Community Foundation’s competitive grant cycle applications.

Nonprofit Calendar

The Community Foundation is excited to announce the nonprofit training and education calendar!

If you want to attend upcoming trainings you can find the information you need on the calendar. Or if you want to let us know about trainings and events you can submit them on the calendar’s page.

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