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Gifts to the Community Foundation or any of the initiatives we oversee, help us make a greater impact through our grantmaking and other programs. You can give online, by check, or through other assets.

The Community Impact Fund is the core grantmaking program of the Community Foundation. Grants from this fund reflect the ever-changing people, needs, ideas, and issues in our community – creating the greatest impact where it’s needed most. You don’t have to create your own fund to help make our home a better place – you can give to the Community Impact Fund and help a wide range of nonprofits and charitable organizations in our home, Allen County.

We spent 2019 thinking strategically and setting a vision for not only our organization, but for the community. We created a Vision Plan that determines how we will contribute to the continuing momentum to make our community a more vibrant and thriving place for all to live, work, and play.

We created this by looking at a number of wellbeing indices and asking ourselves one key fundamental question: “How are we all doing?” This question drives how we move forward in our work within five distinct pillars. If you want to help the vital work we are doing to make our community a more vibrant and thriving place for all, give now to the Let’s Rise Vision Plan.

The Community Scholarship Fund is comprised of gifts from many different donors which have all been combined to provide scholarships and financial assistance for students in Allen County. This fund allows those wanting to provide scholarship assistance, but are unable to start a scholarship fund, the opportunity to help Allen County students achieve their dreams of higher education. If you want to help fund a student’s dream today, you can donate now. Every gift makes an impact.

100 years ago, forward-thinking community visionaries founded what is now the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne to encourage philanthropy and create opportunities to improve the quality of life in Allen County. The Community Foundation exists to help people make their charitable giving more impactful, to connect funding to effective nonprofits through grantmaking, and provide leadership to address community needs and improve the quality of life for the place we call home. To grow and build upon our roles as a connector, funder, and community leader, our first step must be to increase our internal capacity by growing our operating endowment fund. Together, we can be here for another 100 years creating an impact in our community.

The Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne is an initiative of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. The Women’s Fund is dedicated to  understanding—and overcoming— the challenges facing women and girls in Allen County. The Women’s Fund believes that families and communities truly thrive when women are economically and physically secure, safe, and healthy. Through research, education, and collaboration, they are working to uncover and address the most important issues, to reach our ultimate goal of a thriving community for all. The Women’s Fund is about a brighter future for women, and for our entire community.

The Children’s Health Collaborative (CHC) is an initiative of the Community Foundation to ensure every child in Allen County reaches their full potential. CHC is one organization in a collaboration with community partners working hard for children. They advocate for evidence based, community specific initiatives to help children in our community. CHC is a county wide collaboration in partnership with the Allen County Department of Health and multiple direct service providers. The vision of the Children’s Health Collaborative is to create a system of care where all kids in Allen County are physically, mentally, spiritually healthy and educated to their highest potential.

Youth Empowered Philanthropy (YEP) is the Community Foundation’s first youth pod, consisting of high school students from Allen County. YEP teaches students about philanthropy and the impact they can have on their community while exposing them to the nonprofit world. Gifts made to YEP will supplement the students’ grantmaking. This allows students the opportunity to make real decisions with real dollars that create real impact in our community.

Gifts made online by credit card will be given to the fund that you designate net of standard credit card processing fees. You will receive a gift receipt via email.

Use the check memo line to indicate the fund you wish your contribution given to. Please make your check payable to:

555 E. Wayne St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

To learn more, please contact:

Alison Gerardot, CFRM
Chief Impact Officer

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.