Our Initiatives

Initiatives that ensure innovation & collaboration

For more than 100 years, we have been called upon to serve in a significant leadership role in Allen County by addressing the community’s most pressing needs. Over time, we have recognized the need to begin initiatives that need additional funding, support, and attention. We believe these initiatives are important enough to hire and have staff focus on these efforts, to help push these issues forward in our community, to ensure continued innovation and collaboration, to help make our community the best we can be.


Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne

Launched on August 26, 2020 – the centennial anniversary of women’s right to vote – the Women’s Fund of Greater Fort Wayne was founded to focus specifically on the needs of women and girls in Allen County, Indiana. Investing in women has a ripple effect, benefiting not just her family, but the community.

Youth Empowered Philanthropy

Youth Empowered Philanthropy teaches youth about charitable giving while empowering our youth to make real decisions, with real money to create an impact in Allen County. YEP strives to make our community a more vibrant place to live, work, and play while inspiring philanthropy as a habit for future generations.