When to Give

Your charitable giving makes an impact on others in our community. Your giving helps to educate, feed, provide care, and so much more to the people in our community so everyone can thrive. Engaging in giving allows you to leave a great legacy and make an impact on other peoples’ lives. There are different times in a person’s life when it makes sense for them to give.

Legacy Giving:
By leaving a legacy gift, you can create an impact for future generations to experience and have a lasting change. A planned gift is established now and will benefit the community long after a donor’s lifetime.

The Paul Clarke Legacy Society was established to recognize the generosity and vision of donors, like Paul Clarke himself, who has made a commitment to our community through the lasting impact of a planned gift. It is comprised of individuals who have made known their intent to create permanent funds at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne – either during their lifetimes or through estate planning.

Becoming a member of the Legacy Society is easy. By notifying us of your gift through a bequest, charitable trust, life insurance, or other planned gift, and completing a ”Dry Fund” agreement, you can become a member of the Paul Clarke Legacy Society and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a gift of a lifetime. Join these like-minded individuals!

Neil and Sarilda* Anderson
Edward and Ione Auer*
Richard and Gloria* Baker
Arthur A. Beal*
James A.* and Linda K. Beaman
Glen J. Beams*
James S. and Janet E. Beckstein
John* and Ardis Behrendt
David L. Bell and Judge Janet Seiwert Bell
Gregory J. and Mary E. Bell
Norbert Berghoff*
George and Linda Bewley
Glen and Chris Bickel
Josephine E. Biedenweg*
Janet Bircheff
David and Janice* Bleeke
Ron and Mary Bonar
Glenn E. Brendel*
Arthur and Lou Brickman
Dr. Frank D. and Cindy Byrne
Chris* and Amy Caggiano
Kathy Callen and John Powell
Charles and Kathryn Carboneau
Carey and Kathy Carter
Howard L. and Elizabeth W.* Chapman
Virginia Christoff*
Willis S. and Virginia B. Clark
Paul Clarke*
Kelly and Beth Clevenger
W. Windsor and Isabel K. Cravens*
Barbara Snyder Crosby
Richard A. Curdes*
Dr. Chester H. and Mary E. Curry*
William Darling*
Haywood M. Davis*
James E. Davis
Joseph A. and Marianne Manning Deitche
Dr. Barbara R. Walters Doehrman and Dr. Steven R. Doehrman
Dick and Mary Louise Doermer*
Loren J. Drummond*
Michael and Joyce Dulworth
Carol A. Durham
N. Eugene and Val Evans
David W.* and Donna S. Fledderjohann
Dr. Joseph and Charlotte Fogle
Dr. Charles M. A. Frankhouser Jr.*
M. Eleanor Fritze*
Paul and Jeanne Gause
Jane M. Gerardot
Shirley J. Grabner*
Ellen M. Graham
Patricia S. Griest
Helen V. Groot*
L. T. Guess*
Leon O. Habegger
Steve and Tana Harter
Shannon and Michael Hardiek
Karen S. Mann-Herber Heimann
Leonard Helfrich
Jerome F. Henry Jr. and Rebecca J. Henry
Jeanine M. Herold and Michael T. Biesiada
Betty Ann Heyman*
Mrs. Irene Hiatt*
Forrest Houser*
Virginia Huguenard
Thomas and Margaret Jehl*
George L. Johnson* and Nancy F. Archer
Gordon O. and Judith M.* Johnson
Margaret N. Johnson*
Marcelle E. Koomjohn*
Sandra K. Ladd
Floyd A. and Betty Lou Lancia
G. Irving Latz II*
Lois M. Laymon
William C. Lee and Judith A.* Lee
Doug and Joni Lehman
Dr. Ed and Ginger Leonard
Stephen H.* and Jeanne G. Lewis
Dr. William J. Lewis*
Gladys D. Lomont*
Barbara K. Lotter
Cook and Jeanne Lougheed*
Dr. Jerry L. and Diane T. Mackel
Mary C. Martin*
Joyce L. Marx
Francis McCammon*
Alan and Edee McMahan
Christine R. Meek
Ronald S. and Diane M. Menze
Kerry A. Miller
Charles Mitchener*
Aloyse Moritz*
Amy B. Morrill*
Walter K. Murphy*
A.D. Nation
John M. Nichols
Arthur E. Nickerson*
John and Julia Oldenkamp*
Dr. C. James* and Susan J. Owen
Michael V. and Kathryn R.* Parrott
Frederick J. Pfeiffer*
Dick Phillips*
Joseph E. Quinlan*
Mark and Cindy Renshaw
David A. Ripple
Randy and Carol Roberts
Ervin and Elizabeth Rodey*
Mark E. and Christine M. Rupp
M. Joyce Schlatter*
Mark Schoeff Jr.
Clarence and Edith Schust*
Paul E.* and Dorothy L. Shaffer
Gabriel L. and Jeanne R. Shaheen
Phyllis J. Sheldon*
Tracy and Gretchen Shellabarger
Charlotte Simonis
Frank J. Smith*
Helen Smuts*
Graham and Thelma Somerville*
Allen C.* and Lois A. Steere
Thomas and Mary Jane Steinhauser
Don and Kathy Steininger
Ralph Stephan*
Laurel and Jim Stevens
Arthur and Karen Surguine
Jean Tipton
Tracy Troyer
Mark D. Ulmschneider and Georgia Wralstad Ulmschneider
John and Marion Walley*
Albert G. Ward*
Julie Rhinehart Waterfield
Richard D. Waterfield
Dr. James Wehrenberg
Duncan Whitaker
Joe E.* and Margaret E. Williams
W. Paul Wolf
Dinah Wright
Joe Zehr
Randy Zollinger
Anonymous (28 Donors)
* Deceased

Lifetime Giving:
Giving now, to the causes you and your family are passionate about, allows you to see the impact your generosity has on the community. You may also come across a time in your life where the tax advantages of being charitable are too good to pass on. By taking advantage of these times during your lifetime, you can have a positive impact on your own finances while creating an impact on the community you call home. Open a Donor Advised Fund, which is easy to establish as well as operate. Learn more!

Youth Philanthropy :
By engaging youth in charitable giving, we are setting up our future generations to make great impact on our community while teaching them to be generous. You can learn more about how we do this through our youth philanthropy pod, Youth Empowered Philanthropy (YEP). Learn more!

To learn more, please contact:

Alison Gerardot, CFRM
Chief Impact Officer

You can also contact another member of our Philanthropic Services team.