Giving = Happiness

Posted: July 31st 2018

It feels so good to know you made an impact in someone else’s life. There’s a reason why it feels so good; according to an article by Time, there’s a reason why you feel so good after being generous. A recent study connects being generous to being a happy person, and even a healthier person. When you give money or even pledge to give away money, it releases endorphins (all the feel good stuff in the brain) which gives you a warm, fuzzy, and happy feeling. Interestingly, the study found that those endorphins are released regardless of how large or small your gift is, you still get the warm and fuzzy happy feeling.

So why do so many people pledge to volunteer their time, money, and talents on a regular basis? It’s because it makes them feel good. According to the study, researchers suggest that if you give regularly, it could have a lasting effect on someone’s happiness and overall life span because it makes you happier and in turn less stressed! This is probably why when you meet someone or know someone that is consistently giving money, time, supplies, and trying to help others, they seem like the happiest person you’ve ever met.

But being generous isn’t just an easy way to feel good, it’s about helping someone in need and making an impact. This is what we try to do at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne; inspire, connect, and impact. We try to impact our community and make it better through inspiring individuals to give back and connecting them with the right causes in our community. We aren’t in the business of making ourselves feel happy (although it is certainly a result of our jobs), we are trying to help people, nonprofits, and the community be inspired, feel connected, and be impacted.

If you’re struggling to figure out ways you can give, read our last blog post about the different ways you can give without giving money.

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