Letter to the Editor: The Legacy Christine Leaves

One hundred and thirty years ago, Charles Spurgeon penned, “Carve your name on hearts, not on marble.” This quote embodies the spirit of the late Christine Meek, Vice President of Nonprofit Excellence at the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne. In April, the nonprofit community lost a confidant, mentor, a professional, and a true friend when Christine passed away. Christine served nonprofits through her work at the Community Foundation for nearly 20 years. She never wavered on her commitment to help and educate leaders, staff, and volunteers to better our community resources.

As the Community Foundation celebrates its 100th anniversary, we have been reflecting on legacy. Especially the legacies passed down from those who came before us and the legacies we pass down to those who will come after us. The legacy Christine leaves is full of impact and love for our community, as she discovered new training opportunities for nonprofits, aided organizations in finding valuable funding, and was willing to have tough conversations with leaders when needed. All of this for the sole purpose of moving our community forward.

Every day Christine’s presence is missed within the walls of the Community Foundation office, but we look out and can see her work everywhere in the community. Christine carved her name on the hearts of many and truly made this community a better place to live, work, and play. We will all forever be grateful for the extraordinary woman she was.


The Staff of the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne