News: Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is hiring for a Donor Engagement Specialist!

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne is hiring for a Donor Engagement Specialist!
The role of the Donor Engagement Specialist is to assist the mission of the Community Foundation to engaging with individuals on their own personal philanthropy to fulfill and enrich their lives. This role will create strong relationships with donors and fundholders throughout Allen County, increase the visibility of philanthropy through work with individuals and act as a collaborator to increase the capacity of the Philanthropic Services team. This relationship builder will create new efficiencies, events and materials to support the philanthropic services work and will ensure that philanthropic legacies are honored, making significant impact throughout the community.

Responsible to:
Vice President of Philanthropic Services

Key Responsibilities:
Individual Relationship Management
Work with the Philanthropic Services team to proactively and systemically develop and strengthen long-term relationships with existing donors, fundholders, prospects and professional advisors to assist all families, individuals and groups with their philanthropic goals.

Key Tasks:

Cultivate and maintain relationships with a variety of different types of fund holders as well as general Community Foundation donors.
Maintain regular documentation of donor records, gifts and donor advised grants.
Assist in all pertinent prospective donor meetings and stewardship, assisting with fund creation when needed
Work closely with the Grants and Scholarships Specialist to coordinate donors and grantees as well as build relationships with schools and school personnel to ensure maximum applicants.

Strategic Direction
Help to ensure that the strategies the Philanthropic Services team uses are expertly executed while providing input on how to continually improve.

Key Tasks:

Strategically use moves management to engage donors and fund holders to increase relationships and gifts.
Review donor experience with the philanthropic services team and suggest enhancements to continue to build intimacy with donors.
Use the CRM system to develop metrics and set goals with donors and fund holders/Perform donor analysis and devise strategies for the purpose of fund growth.
Collaborate with communications staff to identify and create targeted messaging and collateral materials customized to donor relationship tactics.

Philanthropic Projects and Other Engagement
While nurturing individual relationships, work alongside the Philanthropic Services team to encourage broader goals of community philanthropy, engaging not only donors and fund holders but the general community in philanthropy.

Key Tasks:

In partnership with the other Donor Engagement specialist – plan, deliver and manage YEP, our next-generation/youth philanthropy program, their activities and events.
Design, develop and implement donor and fundholder events in coordination with the philanthropic services goals.
Represent CFGFW at various community activities and events.
Collaborate with VP of Nonprofit Excellence to identify and leverage opportunities for increasing financial support by connecting donor intent and interest with key initiatives of the Community Foundation.

General Details:
Full-Time Position, Exempt
Experience: Minimum of 3 years nonprofit experience, Fundraising or Development experience preferred.
Education: College degree or relevant work experience.
Start date: November 2021

Must Haves:
You are a quick-learner who enjoys working with a fast-paced, results-oriented team.

You are energized by and love creating new relationships, and are interested in listening and learning about people’s stories. You also take the initiative to meet or call people regularly, and are interested in helping people of wealth achieve their philanthropic goals.

This job is 50% front facing and 50% behind a computer. While you enjoy being around others, you must, just as easily, be able to be detail oriented, tracking interactions and working with the team on strategic moves management.

You are self-motivated to stay busy with pertinent tasks, see trends in what needs to be accomplished, and solve problems in a highly independent environment, while also working as a team player toward the big picture and communicating with the team regularly.

You have the ability to work some nights or weekends to meet the needs of donors and prospective fund holders as needed. With this, there is ample flexibility that comes with the job to ensure a balanced work week.

You Are Reliable and Organized
If you say you’re going to do something, you mean it or work hard to find a solution if you can’t. You will be working with many different relationships all at once with many different needs while still being accountable to your team. You know how to coordinate many asks of you all at once and you are able to balance competing priorities.

You Think Strategically
You understand how systems within an organization and externally work and relate to one another and love to figure out the best way to get things accomplished. You enjoy proactively connecting others to resources they didn’t even know existed and strategically thinking about how to best achieve goals and then putting that into action.

You Can Work Independently
The Community Foundation team is small but mighty. Each staff person is responsible for their specific goals, while collaborating with the team. You will need to understand the Philanthropic Services goals, decipher them and then go! If you don’t know the answer to something, you know when to ask for help and when to determine the best solution on your own.

You Enjoy Teamwork
While being able to work independently, the successful candidate also knows the importance of pulling their weight within a team. Your teammates will count on you each day to get tasks done in order to move the team forward. You understand the importance of being held accountable to a team and that each person is integral to getting high achieving results.

You Are Dedicated to Learning
The successful candidate is always striving to learn, grow and be the best they can be. They are willing to participate in new learning experiences, seek additional educational opportunities and look for ways to be ‘best in class.’ As a team, we are constantly trying to better ourselves through knowledge and consider ourselves life-long learners, which in turn, helps us in our community relationships.

You Are Action Oriented
One of the most important skills the successful candidate brings to the team is the ability and desire to get things done. You get a thrill from checking things off your to-do list and then look for ways to fill it back up with minimal direction.

You Can Listen Well, Empathize and Decipher
The candidate can listen before speaking, knowing that each individual you run across has different stories, goals and desires. You can be present with each person you meet and then easily and quickly decipher what the needs of that person are to help find a solution.

If you fit this description….
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Deadline to apply: September 5, 2021
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