News: To The Community We Call Home

To The Community We Call Home

This is undeniably an extremely challenging time. Many individuals in our community have been affected by job loss, health ramifications from COVID-19, business interruption, recent unrest and more. As a Community Foundation, we know we don’t have all the answers and we know that we cannot solve everything. However, we want you – our community – to know we are here.

Our mission is to be the connector of people and resources in order to build a more vibrant community. We are also here to support in some way those who feel marginalized. We are here to connect resources to those who need it. We stand together with those in our community who are intent on making a difference with support of diversity. We know we are not at the finish line, and we will continue to make progress until our community is one where everyone thrives.

Right now, the Community Foundation is taking steps to ensure our community will emerge from this uncertain time stronger, healthier, and more equitable. Here are a few things we are doing right now:

Speeding up our competitive grant application process with the goal to get funds to the organizations serving every part of our community for their great work to continue.
Working with donors who have established a new fund that gives loans to local restaurants, which will support the restaurant workers who are struggling during this time.
Partnering with Arts United and The Knight Foundation to establish the Fort Wayne Artist Relief Fund to provide funds to artists in our community – members of our creative class – who have lost their income due to ongoing cancellations.
Allocated specific funding to Fort Wayne United and the Boys and Girls Club so they could provide essential, basic supplies to families who need it most.
Led Giving Tuesday efforts which engaged over 5,000 donors and generated $715,000 for over 100 organizations in our community to further their mission at a critical time.
Listening. We want to stay aware of community needs, organizations who are standing in the gap, individuals looking to make a difference, and ways in which we can engage and connect while fulfilling our mission.

We recognize that these efforts are helping to make a difference and we would like to further partner with you as we believe we all can do more. Specifically, in light of the recent protests in our community and the nation, we want you to know of our support for Fort Wayne United and its ongoing efforts to build relationships among the black community with law enforcement. In addition to helping every black male in Fort Wayne reach their full potential we stand for justice, equality and inclusion for all.

You can join us in supporting this important work by making a contribution to the Fort Wayne United Fund the Community Foundation has in partnership with Fort Wayne United where donations are used to help further their work in the city of Fort Wayne. You can donate by going on our website and visiting

Allen County is our home and we will be here during good and bad times, leaning in, and listening. Because we love our community and want to see every person thrive.