News: We are Hiring a Grants & Scholarships Assistant!

Grants & Scholarships Assistant Job Description

Who You Are

You are detail-oriented, keeping track of multiple deadlines at once. You not only don’t need reminders, but you’re happy to be the one reminding others what they need to get done to meet deadlines.

You are self-motivated to stay busy with pertinent tasks, see trends in what needs to be accomplished, and solve problems in a highly independent environment. You thrive with multiple to-do lists at once, and are able to shift gears quickly from one task to the next while not losing sight of important details.

You are most happy helping others behind the scenes to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. You’re happy to pitch in and help with whatever needs are important in the moment and, while you are self-motivated and work independently, you also enjoy working with a team.

You are not afraid of new technologies and enjoy learning how to use new platforms to maximize their potential in helping to streamline different processes.

Who We Are

The Community Foundation team is highly engaged and deeply passionate about the work we do. We connect people and resources to build a more vibrant community because we love our community. We accomplish our work through three core activities:

We help people make their charitable giving more impactful
We connect funding to effective nonprofits through grantmaking
We provide leadership to address community needs and improve quality of life

The Work

This job is 90% behind a computer providing support to the grants and scholarship team in managing the Community Foundation’s competitive grant cycle and scholarship program.

Key Tasks:

Manage document flow of grant application process, coordinate site visits and grant review process, provide support to grant review committee, process grant agreements, ensure documentation for grant payments, and maintain final grant reporting documentation.
Act as point person for communication of scholarship requirements to scholarship applicants, guidance counselors, and financial aid departments.
Coordinate scholarship application process including coordination of selection committee meetings, communication of awards to students, student renewal process, and perform due diligence to release scholarship payments.

What You Need to Do the Work

Experience: Minimum of three years experience managing multiple deadlines and processes (required)

Education: Equivalent of four years of high school (required)

Technical Skills: Proficient in using Excel (required)

If You Fit This Description

Please email your resume no later than April 25 to Heidi Ludwig at