Scholarships 101

The Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne (CFGFW) is proud to help hundreds of local students fund their educational dreams through scholarships. We provide scholarships for elementary aged students, high school students, college students, and non-traditional students. Need help? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for answers on how to apply for scholarships and when they are due!

What kind of scholarships does CFGFW have?

We have more than just college student scholarships! If you go to our scholarship page, you can find drop downs for each of our scholarship types, with information on who is eligible and how to apply. We have scholarships for local religious schools, elementary schools, private high schools, and even scholarships for non-traditional students such as adults who are returning to school.

How do you apply for scholarships?

Each scholarship is different. We have a number of university and college scholarships that students can apply for on our scholarship portal and website. However, each scholarship is different and some scholarships might require you to contact your school guidance counselor or call someone for an application. The information on how to apply is on our scholarships page.

Are the scholarships renewable?

Not every scholarship is renewable. The scholarships that are renewable will say so in their description and students will be notified when they receive a scholarship whether or not it is renewable.

Do I have to be an Allen County resident to apply?

No! While the majority of our scholarships are for Allen County students, we do have a few scholarships available for students who live outside of Allen County.

What if I am going to a college or university outside of Indiana?

We have scholarships for you too! While a lot of our scholarships are for students attending Indiana schools, we have quite a few general scholarships that can be awarded for a student attending any university or college.

How does the scholarship portal work?

After creating an account, students can apply for any of the scholarships we have on the portal, save their applications, and come back to them at a later time. We have created a tutorial video for our scholarship portal that will hopefully answer all of our questions. We also have an instructions manual.

What if I have more questions?

If you need assistance or have more questions you can contact Lisa Pickerman, Grants and Scholarships Specialist, at 260-426-4083 or by email at or Nyke Bounket, Grants & Scholarships Assistant, at 260-969-3318 or