Strengthening Nonprofit Relationships and Donor Impact

Through the Agile Grant Request process, Honor Flight of Northeast Indiana recently sought funding from the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne (CFGFW) to support honor flights for veterans from Allen County. Recognizing the importance of this cause, we reached out to a donor known for their strong passion for supporting veterans. Thanks to their generous contribution from a Donor Advised Fund held here and additional support from CFGFW unrestricted funds, we were able to help pay for one Honor Flight, enabling over 80 veterans to participate in this meaningful journey.

We are deepening our nonprofit relationships in Allen County to identify and share giving opportunities with donors. Engaging donors in aligned initiatives fosters a deeper understanding of local challenges and impactful giving.

This approach has led to collaborative funding, amplifying impact, and stretching resources. Donors witness the transformative power of collective giving, supporting nonprofits sustainably.

The Community Foundation facilitates these connections, maximizing philanthropic reach. We assist donors in exploring interests and nonprofits in sharing projects. We’re committed to ensuring your philanthropic journey is informed and fulfilling. Schedule a meeting today to make a lasting community impact!

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